Craig Erlick, is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and Saint Leo University.

Craig developed and refined his sculptural work while living and working in Los Angeles.

When not at his day-job as a commercial artist, or scuba diving off the Southern California coast, he composed sculptures at his kitchen table, using a variety of materials.

He eventually choose polymer clay as his primary medium, for its ease of use, and durability.

His creativity gained velocity with powerful influences of color, expression, and character found in Indigenous sculptural folk art from around the globe. The subjects of his work are individually created by hand, expressing a joyful extravaganza of manic delight, and festive fun. Craig hopes the happiness he derives from his work is passed on to you.

In 2008, after relocating to Florida, Craig, with the help of his wife Devika, established the studios of Cirkel Artworks in the Tampa area, where he now produces a remarkable variety of vibrant and humorous sculptural projects.

"CIRKEL" is an anagram

of the name erlick

Criggles are a series of unique polymer clay sculptures which would be recognizable as nothing more than a frenzy of twisted shapes and intoxicating colors if not for some strategically placed features, such as manic eyes, toothy mouths, and curly, hair-like protrusions.

Criggles are completely hand-sculpted of a soft non-toxic plastic-based art material called polymer clay. Glass eyes are added to the sculpted form. An outer layer of colored polymer clay is then added to the surface. The "teeth" are sculpted of a semi-translucent clay. Additional colors can then be added individually to the outer skin, building up a more complex pattern. The clay cures, or hardens when baked in a standard oven at 275 degrees for approximately one half of an hour. A protective clear resin may be applied for a shiny finish.

Humorous marine life sculptures can be found at Criggle Reef, a colorful community of sea creatures, nestled in the warm waters off of Florida’s coast.

These happy residents of the reef invite you to smile along with them, offering not only a lift to your day, but also some much-needed support for Florida’s marine environment. With every sale, a percentage of the profit goes directly to local marine conservation organizations such as The Mote Marine Laboratory Aquarium,and the Florida Reef Resilience Program.

Spleks are original sculpted polymer clay creations, exploding with a manic dose of intensity and color, directly inspired from the folk art spirit sculptures of Oaxaca, Mexico. Spleks sculptures are made in much the same way as Criggles. The vibrant clay color dots are individually formed, and applied by hand one at a time for a dramatic effect.

Wackolopes are inspired by folk fables such as the "Jackalope", "Wampus Cat", "Fur-Bearing Trout", and "Skvader". For over a century, these and other fictional creatures have often been portrayed as fake taxidermy icons. Wackolpes are one part folk fable, one part Dr. Suess, and ten parts Craig Erlick. They are mixed media pieces of original design, which dynamically bring together a wide range of materials in the sculpting process, including polymer clay, industrial resin, and various hair-like media.

Cirkel Artworks is currently represented at the following galleries throughout Florida:

Clay and Paper Gallery of Art

362 Main Street

Dunedin, Florida 34698



Baobab Tree Gallery and Studio

1113 12th Street west

Bradenton, Florida 34205



Simple Gestures Gifts and Art

4 White Street East,

St. Augustine, Florida 32080



Cirkel Artworks can be contacted directly via email, at:

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